Outdoor Bistro Tables

If you want to get an outstanding table for your bistro area, we have some suggestions. We have decided that we will dedicate this post to the finest bistro tables we have been able to find on the Internet. We have crossed many pages and we’ve finally come to a conclusion: these tables will be the best!

Round Patio Bar TableManufacturing technology of this table makes that the wood with time gets a stunning silver glow – mortise and tenon joints of premium plantation-harvested teak are kiln-dried and machine-processed. The teak is protected by high amount of oil, so the table is environmental-proof in any climate. We can surely say that it’s built to life for a long time. Thank to it you will provide the lasting room for two or three people anywhere outdoors, where you will adjust it. Additionally you will not have any problem with removal and storage, cause the table folds up easily. Purchase also suitable chairs and just look how appealing is whole kit. Dimensions: 39 diam. x 41H in. Continue reading Outdoor Bistro Tables